Monday, June 11, 2001

What goes: taxi, train, boat, boat, boat, boat, train, train, train, taxi? An outstanding day's sailing on the Solent, courtesy of Paul Stephens. Saturday we took the early train to Portsmouth Harbour, the Gosport Ferry across to the Gosport marina, Paul's yacht 'Marta' to Cowes on the Isle of Wight, a harbour taxi to the shore, the Red Funnel jet ferry to Southampton, and then three trains back to Guildford. The outing was a social gathering for SSTL staff and our colleagues from Centre National des Techniques Spatiales in Algeria. Very enjoyable! See here.

Sunday, June 10, 2001

I took the day off Friday so that Karen could go up to a workshop in Leeds. Ethan and I spent the day on the beach at West Wittering. Here are some slides. They're in their natural order, so you can see we stayed through high tide and back to low tide (almost), and through several changes of weather and clothes.

Sunday, June 03, 2001

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Out of the bracken on Puttenham Common on Sunday.
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Into the reeds at the Wetland Centre London on Saturday.