Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Mrs. Chippy and Niger take no notice of house rules.

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Cat Naughtiness.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

What have we been up to? Well, Ethan has been using his skull collection in backyard shaman games.

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Shaman boy.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

A year ago, we went with the Harwoods to Brookwood Cemetery to do a multi-cache called "Tomb Raider Mission 1." We only got part of the way through, and today we came back and finished it. The weather was beautiful, and the cemetery is an interesting one, with overgrown Victorian backwoods as well as a beautifully tended military section. We took several hours to find all of the necessary waypoints and break the code that led to the cache itself.

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Although it didn't look very inviting out, we took a walk along the Wey today, climbed some trees and looked for a geocache.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

The London Butterfly House always makes a good half-term outing, and tests the skills of the photographers. Today it was cold outside, but steamy and nice inside the glass house. We went with Matthew and Kate.